New machines


Our experience in machine tooling and various equipment used in manufacturing and automated assembly lines equip us with the expertise to understand applications and use cases of specific machines. At SBM, our installed capacity of brand new machines at various locations is impressive, with satisfied clients reaching out to use for additional requirements. From a new plate bending roller machine to an ironworker machine or the best pillar drill UK,we have all your needs covered.

Bending parts of large dimensions with tight tolerance

A new plate rolling machine that you install on your floor needs to have the capability to bend parts of large dimensions with tight tolerances for it to be of real use and value at the assembly line. On our inventory, every new plate roll machine for sale and every column drill for sale UK comes with the assurance of superior quality in terms of material, build quality, component life, brand reputation and unmatched after sales service. This explains our reputation as the preferred choice among buyers for brand new machines.

Reputed brands and reliable service

The combination of our expertise, our association with the most reputed brands, our experience and our approach to sales and service of products gives us a badge of trust and reliability. We live up to our reputation, with an extensive inventory that includes - new drill press, ironworker machine and plate bending roller machine among other machines. Clients looking for the best pillar drill UK or best column drill for sale UKoften end up buying from us and enjoying the benefits of superior products and after sales service.

Bending of non-standard profiles

The machines that we feature on our inventory – including every new plate roll machine for sale is designed to cope with all bending applications including requirements for bending non-standard profiles with tight tolerances and diameters. All products that figure on our inventory are the result of cutting edge R&D efforts and this includes every new drill press, every plate roll for sale, and every unit of column drill for sale. UK based businesses that have procured products from us continue to be our esteemed clients and this is testimony to our superior offerings.