Welding Equipment


Welding is pivotal in manufacturing, and the process of fusing two materials together has applications in literally all walks of life – equipment, buildings, vehicles, almost anything that involves metals and fabrication. At SBM our inventory of high performance used welding machines including any model of a used metal working machine continues to drive operations in assembly lines and businesses that rely on welding equipments to execute orders.

Used welding equipment meet requirements in a cost effective manner

Businesses and manufacturers with automated and semi-automated assembly lines constantly try to keep their CapEx as low as possible in an ecosystem where competition and automation are driving costs lower. By relying on used welding equipment to augment capacity or to meet the demands of a new order/client, businesses and manufacturers are better placed to meet scaled up requirements at considerably reduced costs.

Buy used welding machines to meet different types of welding requirements

At SBM, our extensive network of suppliers and sellers permit us to source used welding machines for sale in UK that meet the five different types of welding that are common in industry – MIG Welding, Stick Welding, TIG Welding, Arc Welding and Gas Welding. Our technical expertise and extensive knowledge has helped us to source the best used welding machines for clients. Our assessment of weld quality such as distribution, waste, porosity, tightness, leak proof and strength help us to look closely at the spec sheets of the machines we procure for resale.

Advanced checks to identify equipment in good condition

Before we buy used welding machines for resale, we carry out a battery of tests to check the quality of the welding and the performance of the equipment. For instance, penetration, fusion, undercutting, and slag inclusions are just some of the faults that we look for in the performance of the used welding machines for sale in UK. Our equipment inspection standards are superior and are designed to offer the best results for buyers.

Our check list for equipment inspection that includes checking of arc voltage, amperage meter against specs and damage/corrosion/wear and tear of cables electrode holders and ground clamps have helped us to ensure that potential buyers of used welding machines for sale in UK get the best deal from.