High precision CNC machines are pivotal to manufacturing and automated assembly lines. At SBM, our installed base of used machines and equipment is impressive, from the heavy duty used CNC milling machine, used 5 axis cnc lathe to the advanced used vertical machining centre and used horizontal machining centre.

High yield subtractive manufacturing withused CNC lathes UK

Manufacturing units look at high precision equipment for executing production, ranging from small to medium batches, and this invariably involves swift tool change requirements. With our used cnc machines, UK businesses can save time especially when production involves changing multiple tool sets; the quick tool change options in an used cnc milling machine permits fast turnaround with high standards delivering superior quality finish.

Superior quality equipment for tight tolerance on milling

By relying on our superior technical knowledge and our extensive network that is used to source the used CNC lathes, UK businesses can look forward to enhanced productivity, high performance and reliability. With the right kind of used cnc machines, UK businesses can leverage the benefits of affordable automation for improving product development and manufacturing. Subtractive manufacturing involving the use of motorized machine tools mandates the need for the right kind of equipment and at SBM, our inventory permits buyers to leverage the potential of a used 5 axis machining center at lower costs for optimum output and productivity. With a used vertical machining center businesses can slash Capex and ensure that operations offer optimal output with greater productivity.

High speed CNC machines slash turnaround time in manufacturing

The high speed CNC machines we source and sell help manufacturers slash the turnaround time considerably without compromising on the specifications of the product. The use automated and high precision equipment helps augment capacity and improve quality of products at lower costs.