Detailing and Edging Work

An introduction to sheet metal bending

A metal bending machine UK is one of the most useful machines for the purpose of doing detailing work on sheet metal panels. There are various sheet metalworking machinesthat are used to bend or beat a sheet into the right shape, but it is only with the help of a used circular shear machines that the right finishing touches can be applied.

Circular Shear

A shearing process is used on a sheet of metal to cut clean without the formation of chips and without having to burn or melt the metal sheet. There are various sheet metalworking machines used for this purpose. The most common circular shear punch gets the moving blade to push the metal against the die (or the fixed part).


The process of decoiling involves the unwinding of a coil, flattening it and then cutting it into sheets for further use. A used decoilercould decoil the wires and a circular shear could be used to cut the sheet into usable pieces.

The Products from SBM

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Benefits of buying from SBM

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