Sheet Metal Bending

An introduction to sheet metal bending

Any manufacturing industry would need large sheets of metal to be bent into different shapes. Bending is different from cutting sheet metal into smaller pieces, and it just uses a plate roller UK or a sheet metal bending machine UK to change the geometry while keeping the axis unchanged. Usually a sheet metal brake shear rollercan be used cold on the metal sheet, but sometimes the sheet might need to be heated to a certain degree before the accurate bending or rolling can be done.A sheet metal bending machine UK can either carry out V-shape bending or Edge Bending (with wiping die)

Sheet Metal Bending Products and Services Provided By SBM

A sheet metal brake shear roller is used for inducing a curve into metal sheets. There could be a need to roll bend half-shells, conical curves, transitions and rings. None of these need to have any part of the metal sheet cut away, and therefore better efficiencies are achieved by using the complete sheet. A used sheet metal roller or a used plate roll can be used very well instead of buying a new one.

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Benefits of buying from SBM

When you are looking for metal rolling machine for sale, Stig Bindner Machine Tools plc is the best choice. Ourline of products features a good collection of plate roll for sale. You can buy new machines, of course. But if you prefer to check out a used metal rolling machine for sale, you can do that as well on our website. Under the category of used sheet metal roller, we offer the following products:

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