Assembly lines have evolved over the years, with precision machine tools and high speed machinery replacing older machines that required additional rounds of finishing. At SBM our extensive knowledge of various applications in manufacturing have translated into superior machine evaluation procedures. Consequently, our inventory of used machine tools, including used shears UK and the most sought after used machine saw brands meet all specialist requirements of manufacturing units.

Advanced Shear designs and drive systems

Our reputation stems from the fact that we offer advanced designs and drive systems in the used shears for sale. UK based clients make repeat purchases of used machine tools from us at SBM, largely because of our careful selection of every single used shearing machine for sale in UK. For instance, requirements of used shears UK vary from foot shears, air shears, direct drive mechanical shears, flywheel type mechanical shears, hydro mechanical shears and hydraulic shears. Our evaluation of ability goes beyond the typical focus on shear capacities, tensile strength, and rake angle; we look at productivity enhancements before we procure any used sheet metal shear for sale.

Backgauge and sheet support

Our technical teams closely examine various specifications including the backgauge and sheet support, apart from the squaring arms of the used sheet metal shear for sale as a part of our preliminary assessment. A combination of all the various checks in our assessment of every used machine saw for sale that we intend to list on our inventory permit us to offer only the best used shearing machine for sale in UK to our valued clients.

Exhaustive checklist prior to onboarding of used machine tools

Our structured approach includes an exhaustive checklist that covers every single technical aspect of used shears for sale. UK based clients who have dealt with us in the past continue to deal with us, primarily because of this approach. Our checklist includes the finer aspects such as manual blade and power gap adjustment, ball transfers, front return units, scrap separators and automatic lube systems among a long list of assessment criteria. Our endeavour has always been to offer total value for investment in machine tools and we continue to be successful as a result of our unflinching commitment to superior quality.