Buy Used CNC Milling Machines

If you need a used milling machine or other used CNC controlled machine tool, take a look around Stig Bindner Machine Tools. We have more than 30 years of experience in buying used machines, reviewing and repairing them and then reselling them to our many customers in Denmark and the rest of the world. Whether you are a blooming business that has just set foot in the industrial world or you have been in business for a long time, buying used CNC milling machines can always be the best route to take. With a used milling you get a tool that, together with the lathe, is one of the most important machines in the metal industry. The cutter consists of boom, milling plane, cross slide and knee. Relevant accessories for new or used milling include the vertical head, which can be rotated about one or more axes and changes the clamping axis from horizontal to vertical. And the round table, which can be scaled in degrees and used to cut circular profiles, lay holes, etc. Go for co-milling when you need a used milling. Co-milling gives longer tool life, and HM plates are specifically designed for co-milling, where the workpiece is pressed down against the fixture. However, on old machines with a lot of blur, co-milling can be difficult to work with, and counter-milling can therefore be a necessity.

Used CNC Controlled Machine

We have several CNC machine tools in stock. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control - computer controlled production machines that can produce series of uniform metal components. At Stig Bindner Machine Tool plc, we always have a large selection of CNC controlled machine tools. Among other things, we have a used CNC lathe that you can use to shape symmetrical objects. Or how about a used CNC edge press, CNC machining center or a used CNC bed or tool cutter?

Used Milling Machines in Stock

If you have any doubts about your choice of used CNC milling machine, please contact us and tell us about your needs. Then we help you find the right machine.