Screw Thread Cutting

What is screw thread cutting

Every large and small screw has a series of threads which help it to fasten itself to the inner threads. Each thread in any screw is a uniform helical groove cut inside of a cylindrical workpiece. For very large screws, lathe thread cutting tool is needed. This ensures that the screw threads are accurate and versatile. When threads are being cut in a screw, it is not enough to use a good quality metal lathe thread cutting tool. The workman also needs to have a fair idea of the principles of threads and how to cut these threads accurately. Machinists use both new as well as used thread cutting tool for this purpose.

Are Used Thread Cutting Machines Any Good?

There are some who question the quality of a used thread cutting machine. But not all thread cutting tool UK which have been used earlier have lost all their quality. If you are able to zero in on a well-maintained used machine for sale, then there can be a lot of savings because a used thread cutting machineis usually sold at a much lower price than a new lathe thread cutting tool. This money can then be deployed more profitably in some other part of the business.

Get the SBM Advantage

Stig Bindner Machine Tools plc is a very renowned manufacturer and seller of heavy machines for various purposes. When it comes to thread cutting for screws, you can get the best quality metal lathe thread cutting tool of every category with SBM. If you are not willing to spend a higher amount of money for a new all thread cutting tool UK, then you can very well go in for a used machine. These used tools are also kept at the very highest standards of quality, yet cost much lesser than a new one. SBM offers warranties on all the machines sold by them, whether new or used. They can make timely deliveries all over Europe, including UK. When you are looking for high quality precision tools to be delivered on time, always go for SBM.